Free Live Chat with Shaunta Tonight!

Hey guys!

I'm hosting an impromptu live chat tonight. Everyone's invited--it's totally free. You can come by, we'll talk about writing, you can ask your questions, get some feedback.

And mostly--I'll be there to talk to you guys about the Ninja Writers Academy and the year-long program we're offering in 2020. I'm seriously excited about this. Here's what's involved:

Four seasons of small-group workshops. Each season is eight-weeks long. Our seasons for 2020 are: January/February, April/May, July/August, and October/November. Each workshop has a limit of eight writers and one mentor. Each writer is guaranteed the opportunity to read from their work and receive feedback from the other writers and mentor at least every other week. There are also drop-in sessions available. ($1200 value) 

A full year of the Ninja Writers Club. This is our membership community. The club offers weekly live chats that will give you access to me and sometimes other guests to answer your questions about fiction writing, blogging, and the business of writing. You’ll also have access to every course I’ve created, including A Novel Idea (my year-long course in how to write a novel), which we work through as a group January through June during a write-a-long when I write a novel right along with you. And any digital product that I create while you’re a member. ($300 value) 

Quarterly one-on-one calls with me. During the off months, when we’re not workshopping (in March, June, September, and December), you’ll have the opportunity to set up a one-on-one zoom call with me. The first call, in March, will be longer and more intense. You’ll have the chance to fill out an editorial planning worksheet and return it to me ahead of time and we’ll make a plan for you for the rest of the year during our call. ($500 value)

Access to a private Slack group. Your membership will give you access to a Ninja Writers Academy slack space designated to keep you in touch with other academy students, Ninja Writers mentors, and your workshop groups.

Tonight's chat is a great chance to meet me, get a feeling for the format of the workshops (they all happen in Zoom), and talk to me about whether or not you're a good fit. The Academy has very limited enrollment, because of the nature of the small groups and one-on-one coaching. There are 50,000 Ninja Writers and room for only 100 in this program. 

Right now returning students and Ninja Writer's Club members are enrolling. Enrollment won't open officially to everyone else until December. Tonight's a kind of sneak peek preview and a chance to grab a spot at a great price (as a thank you for giving me your feedback!) But that's only for people who come to the call tonight. 

Click here to register. I hope to see you there! If you have any questions, hit reply and ask them. 

Does the New Medium Partner Program Really Favor Longer Stories?

An in-depth look at my average member reading times.

By Shannon Ashley

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not the new earnings system for the Medium Partner Program will encourage writers to create longer posts. At face value, it seems like a reasonable question, because our earnings are now accrued mostly by the reading time a member spends upon each of our stories.

The truth about whether or not the new earnings system will favor longer posts is complicated. For one thing, we never know just how much 30 seconds of member reading time is really worth. There are far too many variables for us to know, since it not only depends upon how many paying members read our work, but also what else they’re reading. Which is then contingent upon who is publishing, how many stories are getting published, and what happens to catch a reader’s attention.

Not to mention how much traffic we drive to our work, and how well Medium distributes each story.


How to Increase Your Medium Income a Little Bit Every Week

Medium is all about steady little steps. Here’s how to make them.

By Shaunta Grimes

This post is for you, if you’re just starting out.

If you refresh your MPP page every night and see a dollar or two. Or a quarter or two. If you look at other people making much more and it frustrates the hell out of you.

If the whole thing — this writing gig — is starting to feel like a giant waste of your time, this post is for you.


You've Got To Be Willing To Make Just A Little Money On Medium

If you want to make a lot.

By Shannon Ashley

I'm inclined to say this is how it works across the whole writing world and not just across Medium. That if you want to make a whole lot of cash as a writer, then you've also got to be willing to barely scrape by.

Temporarily, anyway.

Of course, I've only made a lot of money on Medium, but today I'm letting you in on a certain kind of pep talk that I have given myself since day 1 (April 25, 2018).

This is going to be hard.

Nobody needs to downplay how hard it is to write for a living with no guarantee of a decent paycheck. It's hard at the beginning and it never gets any easier. If anything, you simply get better at taking bigger risks.

And hoping for the best.


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