A Comprehensive Look at My Slightly Unhinged Planning System

You’re either going to love this or think I’m nuts.

By Shaunta Grimes

My life is a very all-or-nothing proposition.

Either I do all the things or none of them.

So, I’m constantly on the search for some system or program that will work to keep me on top of staying organized. A magical planner or app or something.

I’ve bought an Erin Condren Life Planner every year for the last three years. I usually do pretty well with it until about February. But it’s big and bulky. Too easy not to open up and use. And so I don’t.

And then I spend the rest of the year feeling guilty about the $60 planner that I’m not using — and dealing with that awful pit-of-your-stomach feeling when you’re sure you’re forgetting something miportant.

This year I’ve kind of cobbled together a system that’s finally working for me. I designed part of it myself. Part of it I took from other people. I thought it might be useful to you to know what I’m doing, but also how I came up with it.

Because what I’m using might not be a perfect fit for you. But how I came up with it might help you figure something out that will work perfectly for you.