Batching Your Blogging Might Make You a More Efficient Writer

How breaking up your work into stages could make you more productive.

By Shannon Ashley

I’ve been supporting myself and my daughter as a full-time blogger for close to two years now. Prior to this work, I was a contract writer for about four years.

Over this time, I’ve learned that the only way to really get through an unconventional writing career is to ride the waves.

Regardless of the platform(s) you choose to use for your writing, there will always be things that change. To continue writing and manage a successful career, you will have to deal with each change as it comes.

But writers aren’t just impacted by external changes. You’ll have to deal with internal change too. This can include things like your evolving voice, shifting priorities, mental or physical health challenges, and a growing interest in different writing styles or topics.

Your passion for writing certain stories may change, and even that can be incredibly jarring.

Such changes are, of course, in addition to the external forces you can’t control. Reading and engagement habits shift. Algorithms change. Interest ebbs and flows.

Although you’ll do your best to anticipate and respond to change, you’ll undoubtedly run into some writing periods where you feel like you’re “off” your game.

This is completely natural.

One way to get through the upheaval?

Consider batching your work.