Here’s What Happened To My Stats When I Took A Medium Vacation

Yeah, they fell. But not as much as I feared.

By Shannon Ashley

Everybody knows that it’s really hard to write on Medium withoutworrying about your stats. I am just as guilty as anybody else when it comes to refreshing the page too frequently.

Of course, I do try to not obsess or worry about my stats because I’d rather put my energies into actually writing. But when I went on vacation at the end of June, I knew it would take some special concentration to quit thinking about the numbers and just relax.

My previous month was very good. In fact, it was my best 4 week earnings period on Medium.

So guess what? That made it a little harder to admit that I couldn’t write any stories ahead of time like I originally planned. I was spread too thin between illness and travel preparations to even write a roundup or two of top stories to generate a little more traction while I was away.

All in all, I took 9 whole days away from Medium. I didn’t check my notifications, didn’t read comments or any other stories, and rarely checked my stats. About 5 or 6 times total.

To be honest, it felt like I was away for an eternity.

Before I left, my stats looked like this: