How to Create an Editorial Plan for Your Medium Posts

These are the steps to figuring out a plan for making an income with your work.

Tonight a good friend who is making a couple of hundred dollars a month on Medium told me he wished that he could up his paycheck.

And I spent an hour talking to another friend — a mentor — on the phone who I low-key tried to push onto Medium.

And I left a Facebook message for another friend who is a beautiful writer: you could be making some money, you know, if you were writing on Medium.

I’m starting to feel like a pimp.

But the truth is, there’s no reason why each of those people shouldn’t earn money writing on this platform.

I could help each of them come up with a solid Medium editorial plan. Something they could be excited about. Something that would, over the course of say a year, make them a solid income.

Each of those friends — and each of you — is different. That’s the beauty of the world. Everyone has their own stories and their own strengths. Their own things that make them extraordinary in the most basic sense of the world — beyond the ordinary — so that they have something to say that no one else could in exactly the same way.

Figuring out your editorial plan is a big deal. Like a really big deal.

It’s the difference between making a few bucks on Medium and treating Medium like part of your writing business.

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