How to Make The Most of The Last 12 Weeks of This Decade

The ’10s will be 1/5 over in less than 90 days. For real.

We’re twelve weeks away from the close of the second decade of the new millennium. And I’m curious — what are you going to do with that time?

Twelve weeks is a good chunk of time. Long enough to actually do something significant. Set a habit or break one. Start and finish a project. Make your voice heard. Make a decision. Learn something.

Here are some ideas for making the most of the last twelve weeks of the ‘10s.

Start Something

I think twelve weeks is a nice, solid block of time to use for getting started with something you’ve been putting off.

I started Ninja Writers in February 2016 and in twelve weeks I had 1500 people on my email list, had created a year-long course, and earned $40,000 selling it. It changed my whole life.

Do you have an audacious idea? One that you’re scared to try or that you don’t feel ready to dive into yet? Spend the next twelve weeks just going for it.

Start your side hustle, your blog, your podcast, start sincerely looking for a new job, ask for something that seems too big. Just see what happens.