How to Write Killer Headlines For Online Articles and Blog Posts

You need to quickly capture a reader's attention.

By Shannon Ashley

Many people have mentioned to me that they wish they were better at crafting headlines for their stories. I’ve discovered that while I don’t always nail my headline, there are a number of folks who struggle with headlines much more than I do.

I’ve pur together some tips to help you write better headlines.

1. You need to understand what headlines do.

Headlines exist to tell your reader what your story is about. But they also exist to draw a reader in.

There is so much content online, and so many different stories on any given platform itself. A good headline can give you a real edge so that more readers click to read your story.

2. Realize that headlines are not book titles.

For most bloggers and online writers, this is not the place to be too creative or heady. Sometimes, puns or innuendo work in a headline, but only if it’s still catchy, easy to read, and accurate to the story content.

Often, you can’t afford to be too clever in your headline unless the platform you’re writing and publishing on is going to promote and distribute your piece.

If not, and you’re mostly on your own, I wouldn’t do anything too creative or clever because such titles don’t actually tell readers what your story is about.