Just Write, Already!

Welcome to The Shaunta + Shannon Show

We’re Shaunta Grimes and Shannon Ashley.

A couple of women who have figured out how to earn our livings as full-time writers.

That’s kind of a big deal.

Because people are always saying it’s impossible. Why even try? No one makes any money writing, right?

Just the other day a Facebook comment caught Shaunta’s eye. It said that reading is dead. Everyone knows that pretty much every publishing avenue is dead, right? Magazines, newspapers, blogging.

We didn’t believe it. And because we didn’t, we’re both full-time writers on track to earn $100,000 each this year. That’s a good living. Very good.

We are both top writers on Medium, earning a living wage for our work there. We’re teaching a Blogging on Medium class this summer, which is another income stream.

Shaunta is a novelist. She runs an online writing community called Ninja Writers. You can find her on Medium here.

Shannon is amongst Medium’s highest paid writers. You can find her Medium posts here.

Why We Started This Newsletter

Honestly? Because it’s fun.

We have fun together and we both like to teach. We believe that teaching helps us grow. We also love experimenting and trying things out, seeing how they work. It’s exciting to have a place where we can report back on how our experiments work.

We’ve helped each other grow as writers and we’re excited to build a community of writers.

We really do think that if you’re willing to put in the work and continue to learn, you can earn money writing.

We believe that transparency and honesty are important and that it’s hard to learn how to be a writer if you don’t have someone who is a few steps ahead to pull back the curtain for you.

We think that we can bring a fresh perspective to the online writing space.

Frankly, we’re tired of having to translate what the gurus have to say into something that will work for us, without any direction. We figured it out though and now we want to help you do the same thing.

What To Expect if You Subscribe

Every subscriber

You can expect fresh content. Each of us will write at least one exclusive post a month that will be made available to all subscribers, paid or not.

We’ll also be moving our posts about earning a living as a writer from Medium here. Slowly though. We don’t want to bombard you! These posts will all be made available to all subscribers.

A monthly newsletter with links to good stuff we find around the web.

Write Anyway is a newsletter. When you subscribe, our posts are delivered directly into your email inbox. We promise to send no more than two posts a day (one from each of us), although you can expect fewer than that most of the time.

Paid Subscribers

Paid subscribers get all of that, of course.

We’ll also each write three more exclusive posts (six total) that will only be available to paid subscribers. They won’t be available anywhere else for at least eight weeks (and maybe not at all.)

Every month, starting in June 2019, we’ll pick an experiment and invite you to try it with us. We’ll report on our results in the middle and at the end of the month.

We’ll each provide transparent, honest income reports that show how we’re earning money writing and focuses on how you can work to replicate what we’re doing. We’ll write our first income report for May 2019.

We’ll host 90-minute co-working calls on Zoom. These video chats will be free for subscribers. We’ll be there to answer your questions, talk to you about your your work, and listen to your ideas.

We promise to send paying subscribers no more than four posts a day, although you can expect fewer than that most of the time. We promise that all of the posts that you receive from us will be highly focused on helping you build your writing career.

Bursting With Ideas!

We’re so excited about this and we can’t wait to see how it goes.

We’ve got tons of ideas. We hope to start a podcast this summer. We’d love to interview other successful writers so that you can learn from them. We want to write some series, review some resources, and build the Write Already community into something really spectacular.

This is just the beginning. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

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