Love Is Blooming Through The Cracks

Write about what keeps you going.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Even when the bricks are stacked,
love is blooming through the cracks.
Even when the light is gone,
love is reaching for the sun.
It was love that spun the world
when I was a young girl.

— Anaïs Mitchell, Hadestown (cut lyrics)

Sometimes, it seems like the world is fighting against you. Like all of creation is trying to hold you back from being the person you want to be.

You can’t count all of the missed opportunities, the abject frustrations. The big moments that just failed to click, and all of the little failures that tend to snowball together into one big avalanche of hell.

And yet, there is something that keeps us going. Some little thing that fuels our inner strength, long beyond all that strength should be gone.

For me, it’s escape. Escape into a story, whether it’s a novel, a movie, a TV show, a book that I’m writing, a beautiful of hopeful song. By spending enough time outside of myself, I keep going.

Write about what keeps you going.