Medium’s Changes Kick in Monday. Here’s a 30-Day Master Plan.

Spend the next month getting your writing business off the ground.

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

In the little world of Medium writers within a larger writing world, there’s this kind of manic energy right now — because Medium’s gone and changed everything up on us all of a sudden.

So, that kicks in on Monday (10/28) and then a few days later — every writer in the world kicks off the biggest writing event in the write-o-sphere. NaNoWriMo. Whew. It’s a lot.

But here’s what I think.

I think that this is a really good opportunity for us to spend some time getting our writing businesses in order. Because the changes actually highlight the importance of things like starting an email list and learning SEO and getting yourself set up for the upcoming year.

So what better time? Instead of trying to write a novel in thirty days in November (which is an iffy idea at best anyway), why not make “Build a Writing Business” your NaNoWriMo goal?