Successful People Have 5 Things in Common (And In Their Control)

Hint: money, talent, opportunity, luck, and connections didn't make the list.

Photo by Jude Beckon Unsplash

It’s easy to look at someone who’s done what you want to do — someone already successful — and think they must have talent, money, opportunity, luck, or some kind of crazy connection that normal people like us just don’t have access to.

How nice for them that their stars aligned, but yours didn’t, so why even bother?

But the thing is that those things aren’t actually common to all successful people. There are plenty of people who are successful despite lacking one or more of those — or even all of them.

I’m more than a little obsessed by the things that successful people actually do have in common. The success common denominators. I have a little list: a work ethic, a growth mindset, continued learning, grit, and failure.

Every successful person has these things in their DNA, in their background, and in their history. And the best thing is that they’re totally autonomous. They’re completely under the control of the person exercising them.

That goes for you and me, too. If we choose to implement them.