We’re Shaunta Grimes and Shannon Ashley. 

A couple of women who have figured out how to earn our livings as full-time writers.

That’s kind of a big deal.

Because people are always saying it’s impossible. Why even try? No one makes any money writing, right? 

Just the other day a Facebook comment caught Shaunta’s eye. It said that reading is dead. Everyone knows that pretty much every publishing avenue is dead, right? Magazines, newspapers, blogging.

We didn’t believe it. And because we didn’t, we’re both full-time writers on track to earn $100,000 each this year. That’s a good living. Very good.

We are both top writers on Medium, earning a living wage for our work there. We’re teaching a Blogging on Medium class this summer, which is another income stream.

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  1. When we reach 100 paying subscribers, we’ll start a monthly podcast.

  2. When we reach 200 paying subscribers, we’ll make our podcast weekly.

  3. When we reach 400 paying subscribers, we’ll write an ebook.

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